Friday, March 4, 2011

Revision software revisited

So I decided to switch away from git and to start using bazaar. For some reason git wouldn't do commits for me (probably me being stupid). I find that working with bazaar is very intuitive. Perhaps this ease of use can be attributed to the fact that I'm not publishing my work via bazaar. This means that I don't have to worry about things like pushing the changes to a server etc. For those of you who use Windows, I suggest using Mercurial (Hg). Mercurial is apparently better for extremely large projects and installation on Windows isn't very difficult, also the syntax is the same as bazaar.

Bazaar Quickstart guide:
  1. bzr whoami "name "
  2. bzr init (run in project folder)
  3. bzr add (add all project files in project folder to bzr)
 You've now started using bzr
  • bzr commit -m "Short description of change" (this commits your changes to the next revision (ie from revision 1 to 2))
  • bzr revert -r# (this changes the project back to revision #)
  • bzr status (see what files have changed since your last commit)
  • bzr diff (see what has changed IN the files since your last commit)
  • bzr log (see history of changes)
edit: It suddenly occurs to me that this would be a good way to share the project. However, this would work well if I intended to share it so as to create a novel/story that was written by a social community. My intent is more that my writing can provide inspiration (a bit conceited of me, I know) to others, rather than creating a collaborative novel.

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