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Welcome to Anonymity... for Now. By and large this blog will be an outlet for my creative writing. I chose the title of the blog to reflect my current status as a writer and my hopes at a future. What you will mostly see here is my initial attempts at prose fiction. You may also see various drawings I've done for the story (concept art... if you will). With respect to these illustrations, I would like you to bear with me, I am no artist (not quite sure if I'm an author yet either) Interspersed throughout you will also see posts on other topics, or important events in my life, but the blog will mostly be about the story.

The story is a work in progress and, as such, is subject to change. I intend for the story to be a fantasy. Perhaps it will be a story, perhaps a novel, perhaps a comic. The tale I spin currently will be a fantasy with a hint of romance, a pinch of mystery, and a touch of adventure.

Now a little bit about the author. As I said, this will be my first foray into the field of creative writing and as such I am quite inexperienced and I welcome your input through comments and email. Also, I'm well read so I may accidentally include various sentences/statements I've read but forgot weren't mine. If you catch me doing this (accidental plagiarism [call it a case of cryptomnesia]) please tell me. I am a student of science and this may be reflected in my writing. I am a Linux user and I believe in the principles of freedom and sharing that are prevalent within the Linux community. With that in mind, I wish to publish this via a Creative Commons CC BY license.

Because of the nature of the blog, reading the story might be a bit of a pain. To alleviate this I will provide an up-to-date copy of the story somewhere...

Edit: See Right-Hand sidebar for a link to the story.

Have fun reading,

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